What is an eBook?

The eBook Reader

Integral to your learning experience is the innovative eBook Reader. With it, you'll benefit from a highly-interactive learning approach as our eBooks go far beyond what traditional print textbooks can offer. Here are just some of the value-added features and functionality that will heighten your academic experience:

  • Utilize a rich array of resources such as animations, learning videos, audio clips, and links
  • Gauge your comprehension of key concepts with checkpoint quizzes and other learning activities
  • Add notes, customized highlights, and other annotations—all of which are added to the embedded notes manager for convenient access
  • Search through the eBook or your notes for a particular passage or phrase by keyword—making vigorous sifting through the text obsolete
  • Make annotations and edits in an offline environment—your work will sync to the online version the next time you log in
  • Rate or comment on others' annotations to assess their value and to create a discussion around specific concepts from the text
  • True-to-page viewing and reflowable text make for flexible viewing options

Mobile Apps

We also offer a free mobile app for iPhone and Android so you can truly study anytime, anywhere. With the mobile apps, you can:

  • Read and download your book
  • Create notes (which automatically sync to the bookshelf the next time you log in)

iPhone & iPad

Bookshelf for iOS

Phone & Tablet

Bookshelf for Android